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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Server Error: This file may not be moved, deleted or renamed or otherwise edited

How to: resolve ‘Server Error: This file may not be moved, deleted … ‘ when working with SharePoint master page

Does this error look familiar to you "Server error : This file may not be removed, deleted or renamed or otherwise edited"
Let’s see if I can guess what you’ve been up to.
You opened your site with SharePoint Designer or Master page gallery through SharePoint UI and copied an existing masterpage, say a copy of seattle.master, into the gallery; now you’re trying to rename it and above is the error you’re getting. So far so good? The read on …
SharePoint 2013 has an *.HTML file associated with each *.master and you’re really supposed to edit the *.HTML file and not touch the *.master. But if you created the *.master file by other means and try to rename, delete, or edit it’s properties, SharePoint will try to access the associated *.html file and there isn’t one …. and being SharePoint, you will get an error.
To solve this and get rid of the error, do this:
-Copy the existing *.html file in the gallery
-Rename the copied *.html file to the name you wish to give (or have already given) to your custom master page
-To delete the masterpage, delete respective *.html file instead, etc
That’s it, enjoy!
Oumaima Achkari

Clear Designer Cache

Clear Designer Cache

When using SharePoint Designer, especially in a development environment where content and assemblies can frequently change, SPD can start to behave erratically, sometimes loading content that has been removed from the web site, or using an older version of an assembly. This is due to how SPD caches content, which thankfully, is easy enough to clear.
First, close SPD and then remove all files from the following folder:
%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache
This contains things like page caches.
Then, do the same for this folder:
This contains cached items such as assemblies used and lots of other xml configuration files.
Restart SPD and all should be good in the world :)

Hope this help,
Oumaima Achkari

Thursday, September 11, 2014

SharePoint 2010 Search Administration Reports Not Working

SharePoint 2010 Search Administration Reports Not Working

When viewing administrative reports I get this error:

The chart cannot be rendered. This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service

Solution :

1.Go to "Application Management" --> "Manage service applications"
2. Check whether the "State Service" is enabled or not (like the below screenshot). 

3. If the service is not started or missed, we should configure/start the state service. OK. How to start the service?  proceed with step 4.
4. Go to the "Configuration Wizard" and start the configuration
5. Make sure the "State Service" is enabled. (Eventhough it is selected, run the wizard again.Hmmmm...That is microsoft :) )

6.Wait until you see the below screen (It will take few minutes to complete).

7. Now, check whether the chart control are rendering properly in the browser or not. If everything is fine, then continue with your work.. Again if you are getting the same error screen, you need to check the "Service Associations" for your current web application (proceed with step 8).

8. In "Central Administration", Go to "Application Management" and select the "Configure service application associations" in "Service Applications" section. 

9. Click on your web application and a pop up windows will be displayed. 

10. Select the "State Service" Check box and click "OK".  
Check the chart control is enable or not once u refresh the screen....

How to export a schema.xml file for a list from a SharePoint site

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